I make
fashion-portraits, art-portraits and other type of portraits. I call it "alternative portraits"
"alternative portraits" means for you we will find out together.

I sometimes collaborate with a professional makeup artist if you want a spesific look for your portrait, maybe you want to be made into a top model, have a Greta Garbo look, a look from the 50ties or maybe something we havn't even thought of!

Please feel free to contact me
if you have any queries.

Phone: +47 95 21 12 70
mail: anneromslo@yahoo.no


I find it difficult to set a price, since the price will depend on what you want from YOUR picture. The retusj of a picture can take a few minutes and it can take several days. But we will always agree on a price before we start.
This i do know:
Makeupartist: Nkr. 500:- pr/h (wil probably use between 1,5 and 2H)
Photography: Nkr.3200:- for the studio photography. (ca 1,5 h) All prices are ex moms. There are different leves of retusj, and I will do basic retusj on three pictures (and you will get a print and a CD with low resolution pictures). If you want a new background or something very artistic that will take days of retusj we will have to agree on a price.
Then we will have to agree on a price depending of the number of pictures you want and what you want me do with them.
I do the retusj myself.

For more updated price information see www.modellforendag.no


Makeup makes a differens, the makeup artist can help you find a look that you like.
a step by step example with different end results below:

  What about getting a real Model look:
  A group of friends made a callender just for fun :-)
  A special portrait for the one you love or for yourself.
    Retusj exampel, before and after: